Managing Atypical Deck Projects

Managing Atypical Deck Projects

You are an established deck contractor, having built hundreds of decks all over the county, or you are a homeowner, looking to put a new twist or accent on your home. Maybe you (or your clients) have seen a Forbes article full of clever deck designs. Or you want something particularly outlandish like a roof top deck. Don’t worry, even the most complicated decking project can become manageable with these simple tips.

Managing Atypical Deck Projects

Don’t Overcomplicate

It’s tempting to look at an ambitious deck design and develop a convoluted scheme to execute the plan. Do some research before getting too creative. Most designs have been done before, often many times before. Rooftop deck systems are currently ‘in’ and curved or stepped decks have been built for decades. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Find something similar to what your goal is, then adapt instead of starting from scratch.

Keep Priorities Straight

When building and designing a deck, make sure you know the of the deck. Will it be an outdoor kitchen and dining area? A weekly fire-pit get-together? An aesthetic piece for curb appeal? Will it be the edge of a pool? Knowing what the deck will be used for will help you balance between ergonomics and aesthetics. It will also help you ensure you have the right materials for that particular decking project.

Measure Twice

It’s an old adage, but a true one. Measure twice, cut once. This applies doubly for applications with odd cuts and dimensions. When planning a curved deck, for instance, measuring and planning can save you plenty of materials before you even put saw to wood.

Double Check Codes

Even if you’ve been building decks for decades, building codes change constantly. Additionally, atypical decks, like a rooftop deck, generally have special regulations. In a similar vein to ‘measure twice,’ asking once can save a lot of headaches.

A deck can be a great addition to a home or business, build and enjoy your new outdoor space with confidence!