How To Properly Care For Aquatic Landscapes

How To Properly Care For Aquatic Landscapes

Whether you are a lakeside resident or the proud owner of a natural or man-made pond, environmental health can be positively impacted in your own backyard.

Create a Wellness Plan

Assess your lake or pond, noting any obvious problem areas within its overall appearance, water quality, and existing flora and fauna. This can give you an idea of which facets require immediate addressing. For a second opinion, hiring a knowledgable and experienced team specializing in lake management can put you at ease. They will be able to thoroughly diagnose and prescribe solutions to suit you and your property’s individual needs.

How To Properly Care For Aquatic Landscapes

Cultivate Optimal Aquatic Conditions

Water quality can show signs of degradation through its clarity, presence of smell, or overgrowth of certain algae. If the water appears murky, cloudiness can be controlled by introducing alum to the lake, which acts as a binder for mud and dirt. The resulting dirt clumps will then sink to the lake bed, allowing for clearer water. Oftentimes, alum will also have this impact on unfriendly algae species, yielding clearer, cleaner water.

Nurture Beneficial Wildlife

Lakes benefit from a diverse ecosystem that includes a variety of plants and animals. However, certain fish species not only flourish in these aquatic conditions but also contribute to them by feeding off of invasive weeds. Plants, too, can be carefully chosen to bolster the area’s health. They can create balance in both the soil and the nutrient levels present in the water, allowing for a thriving environment.

Avoid Stagnation

Still, water can inflict a host of problems, including mosquito swarms, algae overgrowth, and odors. Installing a fountain or aeration system can keep oxygen circulating through the water. As a result, the lake or pond can establish a natural self-cleaning cycle, and diminishing its chances of being overrun by harmful or bothersome organisms.

Aquatic landscapes come with regular maintenance, but thriving environments are rewarding and well worth the effort. Using these methods, you can become a seasoned caretaker for your lake or pond and safeguard a view for future generations to enjoy.