How to Avoid Spoiling Your Wines Stored in a Wine Cooler?

How to Avoid Spoiling Your Wines Stored in a Wine Cooler?

Regardless of whether you have the wine in the fridge or wine cooler, it is essential to follow storage to avoid spoiling your wines.

The wine is obtained from the biochemical process of yeasts. The components are transformed, giving rise to a wine with different nuances of flavour and colour. This process takes place in controlled environments, but once you buy it, it is recommended that you follow some of these tips to avoid spoiling your wines stored in the wine cooler.

How to preserve wine in a wine cooler

Wine has to be stored in the following conditions, the best condition for as long as possible:

1. Maintain wine at a Constant temperature:

Once the wine is opened, it is ideal to keep it in the wine cooler. It will spoil less and better preserve its properties. Storing wine at room temperature is not always the best idea, especially in hot places or when it exceeds 20 degrees. The idea is to keep it in a place like the wine cooler with a constant temperature between 8º and 15ºC.

Red wine is one of the most delicate wines to keep, especially once opened. It’s ideal storage temperature ranges between 14º and 16ºC. Serving a wine that is too cold, especially at wine fridge temperature, will make the nuances of its aromas disappear and cannot be appreciated. However, it is better to go cold if you have to choose. It will keep it much better, and it’s easy to rise a couple of degrees when served.

2. Keep wine in the Darkroom without noise:

The idea is to store it in storage rooms and even cabinets protected from the outside. The temperature must be constant, and the room must be free of noise, odours, and vibrations.

3. Keep away from direct sunlight and oxygen

Direct light on the wine must be avoided. Natural light would cause the wine to oxidize, affecting its flavour and colour. Once the bottle is opened, it will last a day or two before it begins to oxidise and spoil its taste. If you want to preserve it well, cover it as soon as possible with its cork. You can also cover it with a special cork equipped with a system to extract oxygen from the outside of the bottle. The fuller the bottle, the less oxygen it will have, and the easier it will be to store in a wine cooler

4. Keep wine bottles in a horizontal position

This is very important since by keeping the wine in contact with the cork, it will remain moist and thus prevent it from drying out, losing volume, and entering oxygen that would affect the taste of the wine.

Although closed, they must be kept horizontally in the wine cooler. Once opened, they must be stored horizontally to minimise the surface of the wine in contact with oxygen. You should keep in mind that these conservation methods will only prolong the life of the wine for a few more days once you open the bottle. The whites and rosés, being made with fresh fruit, will lose their flavour after 3 or 4 days once opened, and the reds, depending on their maturity, will last a little longer up to 5 or 6 days.