Best Lawn Care Services Near Me – What Questions to ask before hiring one?

Lawn Care Services

For many homeowners, lawns are one of the most important factors that give their homes a nice and elegant look. It’s undoubtedly true, considering the fact that lawns are the first thing people notice when they drive past a house or visit some of their friends in the suburbs.

Everyone is impressed by the beauty of a well-maintained garden, but no one wants to spend their time mowing, watering, and cleaning their yard. It’s a time-consuming task that takes up valuable time that you can use in another more appealing manner.

Therefore, most homeowners decide to hire professional lawn care services in order to avoid all the hard labor and wasted time. The easiest way to find such services is to google lawn maintenance contractors near me and you’ll get numerous results of such providers in your local area.

However, not all of them deliver the services which they promise. In order to find a reliable garden care provider, you need to ask relevant questions at the initial meeting to create an opinion.

These are some of the questions you should ask.

How long have you worked in this field?

Experience always matters. You should look for professionals with a minimum couple of years of experience. You don’t want to hire companies who have just started doing business.

A lot of new firms last very shortly on the market, but you need professionals who provide long-term service as your garden requires regular weekly care. Some of these new businesses magically disappear after a couple of months without giving any notice, so you might end up paying the money, without getting the service.


Make sure the company is prepared to show you their portfolio and reviews from previous customers. Reputable and reliable contractors have nothing to hide from their potential clients.

Do you have a proper license and insurance?

This is an obligatory question you must pose to the potential candidates. They should have a business license, which enables them to do business in accordance with the law. Also, they’re required to have a license for applying chemicals, proving that they aren’t doing harm to your family and the environment. If they show you a copy of both licenses, plus certificates from specialized training and seminars, then you are definitely doing business with real professionals.

Apart from being licensed, lawn maintenance professionals have to be insured. Getting injured is not unusual in this line of work, so all workers are required to have an insurance policy that will cover the expenses in case of an accident.  Read more about the reasons why every contractor needs insurance.

Do you have a fixed schedule?

Don’t forget to ask the candidates about their schedule, as some of them have a flexible, but others a very strict timetable. In the former case, you can select the day of service which suits you the best. However, in the latter case, the company determines the day and time for you, as they cover specific neighborhoods on certain days of the week.

You need to know this information in order to remove all the necessary things from your lawn as the workers aren’t obliged to do it. You can also ask if your garden will be maintained by a single person every time or by various workers. It’s better to have one person for the job, as you’ll trust it more.

What’s the price of your services?

You need to know the cost before you hire a contractor. The cost is usually determined upon making an estimate of your lawn. They need to know the size and condition of your yard in order to determine the price. Another factor affecting the price is the number of times they’re providing their services.

Use the calculator on the following link:, to calculate the approximate cost of lawn care services for your garden.

Wrap up

We hope that these questions will help you with the initial interviews with the potential lawn care providers.

Find out about their experience, license, and insurance, and of course about their prices.

Don’t hire a contractor until you’re sure of their reputation and professional skills!