Avoid The Most Common Home-buying Mistakes With These Tips For First Time Buyers

Avoid The Most Common Home-buying Mistakes With These Tips For First Time Buyers

Avoid The Most Common Home-buying Mistakes With These Tips For First Time Buyers

When buying a house, there are a lot of things you have to consider. After all, buying your very first home is quite a big decision. Along the way to get your homeownership, there’s a lot of small decisions to make.

Well, you don’t have to panic. Getting a house can be quite exhilarating. We put together these suggestions to help you avoid some of the most common mistakes.

Know Your Budget

Set a budget

Take into account how much money you have a and calculate the monthly home payment that you can afford. Discuss this with your chosen Mortgage Loans Corpus Christi lender and make sure you can meet any of the home payments in the future. It is the most crucial part to have successful home ownership.

Don’t forget the principal, taxes, interest, and insurance

When it comes to mortgage calculators, you’ll know how much you will be paying for the interest and principal monthly. But you shouldn’t also forget the homeowners’ insurance and property taxes. There are financial institutions today which will require you to contribute these to your monthly payment. So try to talk this out with your lender, so you know which ones are included in your monthly payment.

Know how much you will spend for the closing

When buying a house, you will have to shell out money for the down payment as well as the closing costs. The closing costs are usually around 3 to 7 percent of your total loan amount. Included here are the title insurance, loan origination fees, and appraisal fees.

Manage your debt

Sometimes you will need to buy a lot of new appliances and do a few minor repairs after you get your new house. It’s essential that you plan these carefully, so you don’t carry too much debt and avoid missed mortgage payments.

Start Smart


You might be feeling anxious and quite excited to move into your home. However, we suggest you take a step back and learn the different mortgage types. How do these differ from one another? Doing so will help you choose the best ones.

Know your credit score

Time and again, it has been said that your credit score is essential when looking for a home loan. Check if any mistakes need corrections and address these early on.

Find a lender

When finding a lender, it’s essential that you choose someone who you are comfortable working with. After all, you’re getting into a long term relationship and commitment. They should listen to you and want your best interests. Choose the one who can explain home loan options in terms that you can understand.

Get pre-qualified

Go to your chosen lender and get pre-qualified first so you know how much you can borrow. This allows you to filter out the homes you can afford and the ones that are right for you.

Calculate your monthly mortgage payment

Lastly, use a mortgage calculator to find out the monthly mortgage payment that can fit your budget. You will find one with a simple Google search.